¤ Bling for Techies


Talk about practical bling! Swarovski teamed with Phillips for this cool project.

Although this is a little OD, there’s always more room for bling in your life. This is the perfect alternative for cheap college students such as myself. Since I am a student, what better bling is there?

With this blinged-out USB, I would probably start saving documents unnecessarily just so I could show it off…I’d pull it off in slow motion like “oooh looks like I have to save another word document.”

Serious Issue…

Ok..it’s time for a really pressing issue. It’s very controversial and my position has changed quite a few times.

Ladies, who is more attractive?

untitled11 untitled41

Hill Harper or Will Smith?

~Your Signature Cocktail ~


My first drink — if you don’t count my childhood best friend mixing together a little of everything from her parent’s liquor cabinet and daring me to drink it — was a strawberry daiquiri. When I first drank it, I thought I was terribly sophisticated, a sixteen year old drinking fruity, frothy drinks. If I could, I’d drink it all the time. I’ve had tons of other liquor, but I feel comfy with a daiquiri. The Strawberry Daiquiri is a youthful drink, the drink of a girl on Spring Break in Cabo; much like skinny jeans, and flashdance tops. This drink represents me!

From what I’ve gathered being in college, most people rarely drink what they truly like to drink. Alot of guys try to drink the hardest liquor that makes their throat burn, in an effort to impress other people. What are we all trying to prove?

What is your real favorite drink and what does it say about you?

4 Fly Chicks ♥


First of all, I LOOOOOVE that En Vogue is coming back! There has yet to be another female r&b group that was greater than these four ladies. The thing that surpised me the most though, is the fact that JET magazine still exists. Who knew?

O-M-G…DC AIDS rate soars ↑

Today, the Washington Post reported that at least 3 percent of DC residents have HIV or AIDS, a total that far surpasses the 1 percent threshold that constitutes a “generalized and severe” epidemic

DC only has like a little over half a million residents. That’s almost 20,000 people with AIDS! <— No offense Washington, but this is the stuff that makes me weary of DC guys who try to holla. 

Let me take this time out to make a public service announcement: PLEASE USE CONDOMS, DON’T USE DRUGS, GET TESTED!

Sneaker Alert!!


For all you sneakers addicts, these two crazy styles have just been released! There’s only one word to describe these attention getters: [Amaaazing] The great thing about them is that they could be mixed and matched with just about anything and still look good…

Hello World ♥

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